August 19, 2012

Sardines & Art

My Dear Internet friend Rejoyce, @able2rejoyce, sort of challenged me (I took it) during her Ustream the other day. And without further aduedi here y’all go…Please enjoy

Rejoyce Sardines Rejoyce

Let all Rejoyce, even those
dollied ladies that lounge about
laying under glasses of wine
next to fine platters
and plates of mustard sardines

Each having shiny arms
of sterling on either side
awaiting to slice and trim
to fussy cut them,
those tiny little savory sardines

Rejoyce in those tines
that fork over the flesh
for into the flesh it moves

See not black eyes or kissable lips
of molten colored koi
they still swim in soup bowls
watching sardines flip and slip
from plate to mouth
and down the gullet do plunge

Rejoyce for the truth
that is the jabberwocky
and pay with paper
the great Canadian Tire way


Link to photo’s home cause it is not one I took, but only borrowed {grin}

On to other obvious things or lack a there of {meaning post} … um was outta town errr state ahh yeah behind on the 52 Postcard Challenge & my Featured Artist & things around the house too & more.


Happy Art’ing Y’all

1 comment:

happyDiane said...

such a wonderful poem! Perfect for the One and Only Joyceee!

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