August 24, 2012

South Africa

#33 in the 52 Postcard Challenge as is hosted by the Wonderful & Magical Darcy of Art & Sole. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get behind again cause playing catch-up is hard, fun but hard. I am pleased with this one & may try this sorta thing on a larger scale. And here we go…

From Allen to Liz: Acrylic paint background; Ladies were acrylic painted using the “credit card” tech – I cut them out glued ‘em on then went over them with Crackle.

Dearest Liz,

Of course I remember the Hatuey, how could I not... The sunset that night as well as that sunrise on the morning we went down the river in South Africa. You certainly have added a very colorful memory to my heart not to mention the sunburn across my full backside. I still cannot believe I let you talk me into doing that. Whatever you do never let that photo get into the hands of Chloe. Although I am sure she would be thrilled for my wild abandon I would rather that she did not actually “see” it.

as always, Allen

 Humm, wonder what she talked Allen into that got his “backside” sunburned. Ouchy, I’m sure.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

1 comment:

Kelly M. Myers said...

Oh Jamie this one is really cool. I love the figure cluster and the colors. It's very simple, yet sophisticated.

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