August 24, 2012


I know catching up yet again…I can do this … And here is the #32 Postcard for the 52 Postcard Challenge as hosted by the wonderful Darcy of Art & Sole.

From Liz to Allen: Scrapbook Paper Collage sprayed with Glitter + printout of a Hatuey* bottle

My dear Allen,

your playfulness was a great relief for me & I want you to know how fun you made our trip together to Malta.

xoxo Liz

Remember the Hatuey? LoL

 Sounds like Liz enjoyed Allen’s company. Who knew he could be fun maybe all that world traveling is good for both of them.

*Hatuey is a German beer, part of the joke being it is Malta Hatuey. Get it a play on words {wink}

Happy Art’ing Y’all

1 comment:

Kelly M. Myers said...

The design work here reminds me of that moment of sitting in a cafe and drinking a soda or a beer from a bottle and for whatever reason sort of unconsciously peeling away at the label. And the tension that creates from not getting it off all of the way. Putting patterns together in an unconventional (not matching) way is a real art unto itself.

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