October 16, 2012

Dr. Jones

Is our SCT doctor, we met with him today after they took blood. He wants to wait till after we finish the current round of Oral Chemo because the Protein number is still a bit too high. Dr. Jones wants it to be a 1 or less, today it was 2.7…What does this mean for us? Our new target date for starting the SCT is mid November…Good for the housing waiting list situation not so good for insurance deductible meeting the deductible AGAIN with the other cost would totaly suck, just sayN.

The nerve pain has subsided a bit and is bearable during the day. Still taking a pain med at bedtime to help him sleep. And not taking so much pain meds will improve Johnny’s liver enzymes & that my dear Internets is good news.

We start the new oral chemo pill on Sat and will also continure with the other one, No shots for this round – good news.

Tomorrow we get the results of the last CT on the lump in his neck…we expect no change.

Thanks for all your prayers of love and goodness.


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