December 22, 2012

The News

Is our number was not zero, in fact it only went down .2 points. Another round of oral Chemo, back on the Valcade shots plus Dr. Wang is going to add something else. However we won’t start this till January. It’s a good news bad news sort of thing. Good news is Dr. Wang believes this will get the Para Protein down, bad news is because we are entering a new year we have to meet the deductible again.

Good News is we trust God to see us through and that includes the perfect timing.

I won’t have any more updates about this this year (2012) cause there will be no appointments to update about. So that means NO News IS Good News

Please keep Johnny on your prayer list and those positive vibrations coming. 


ps IF y'all are reading this it means YOU SURVIVED 12-21-12, which was / is a resetting of the Mayan Calendar anyway HAPPY NEW CALENDAR CYCLE.

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