December 17, 2012

What do ya do

when ya get in free? Well I don’t know about y’all but we go in. I’m talking bout the Museum of Natural Science Downtown Houston, besides we are hanging around there a lot anyways. In The new Hall of Paleontology; Well actually revamped with dinos in a fancier layout, purdy cool but I wish they would paint arrows on the floor so you don’t miss anything.

They has bones there, well imitation bones anyway because the real dinosaur bones put off radiation and we don’t need that.

and lizards

Ooo lookie I found a Texas sized Armadillo, kinda brillo pad’ish.

Hey Johnny found a cousin Neal Ander Tall (lol makes me laugh)

And check out these fossils – Dragonflies, about the size of my hand. I love dragonflies.

And that’s it for this post, feeling a bit anxious about the oncologist visit – keep praying for Zero Protein Count.


Happy Art’ing Y’all

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