January 12, 2013


We have started the actual process of SCT and are finishing up some of the required Pre-test. We still have the Bone Marrow to go plus the insertion of the CVC (Central Venous Line). Because his protein was not at zero, he will need a higher (heavier) course of chemo, we are waiting on insurance approval for that, if it’s not approved we will proceed with the regular course, so says Dr. Jones.

HolE E Donuts, once they deem it’s time to start they schedule the heck outta of ya, even if you don’t know it. Yep appointments pop up at the drop of a hat, no wonder they want you staying nearby even in the beginning.

About that CVC, it is a thingy sorta like the IV you get in your arm/hand, Only it’s for long term. They typically put it in the upper chest into a main artery under the collar bone. We have to have classes on how to flush, clean and change the do-hicky, we will have to demonstrate how before we leave the hospital. Once they get it in, we have to an xray to be check its location and stay for 24 hours, pending a puncture of the artery vein or a lung. Not to say that that won’t happen after 24 hours, it is just normally within the first 24.

Don’t know when we start the shots to promote SC production but we expect the harvesting to start around the 22nd.

That’s it for this update. Please keep those prayers and positive vibes going.


And don’t forget your Happy Art’ing Y’all

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