January 14, 2013

My Palace Space

Here is the lovely gift box I received for my birfditty day, not shown are a pair of Pentel med. White gel ink pens {bow to the giver} Queen Teen how perfect {very happy face dancing a jig}. Thank you again and again and so on.

Funny, and lucky for me I’m sure, I woke up this fine AM and found that @SandyJonesUK had a tweet about taking a picture of your space {just as it is} for a chance to win 50% off some emblies.

And now that this is written and posted complete with pics I AM GONNA LINK UP. I feel lucky!!!

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Crafty-emblies said...

oh what a great space, she said she dared ya lol, love all thats going on here x

Sandy Jones said...

I bow to your feet my lovely,,, thank you 4 taking me on with the dare,,, love your space,, xxx

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