January 16, 2013


We got the CVC (central venous line) put in. So far so good. Tomorrow we have a liver Ultrasound, they are scheduling a liver biopsy, Dr. Jones doesn’t like how high the enzymes are. But remember I told y'all he has always had high ones.

I start giving him the Nupigen (sp?) shots on Saturday to stimulate the stem cells to over produce and push through his bones into the blood stream. We should have Monday off from the hospital, Holiday - Happy MLK day y’all.

Tues we have blood & if producing enough stem cells we will have collection (4 hours on a filtering machine) We will be doing that every day until they have collected enough.

See this picture? 

It shows something that is priceless (hubby) holding a bag of $10,000.00! Yep it’s true inside that little magic brown paper bag is the nupigen (sp?) and  WoW $ $ $ WholeE Spit ya know!

Thank you for your continued support by way of prayers & good vibes & donations.

xoxo & Happy Art’ing Y’all

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