February 20, 2013


Confined in “our” room he in a lounging position and I in my corner. Some nights have been looooong and some days even loooonger. In fact if it wasn’t for our awesome Nursing crew we would not know what day of the week it was. And I must know so I can watch the stream’age and he must know so he can keep up with work happenings and warranties and what nots.

Walking has dwindled due to nausea when standing or sitting.

Nausea is not fun! Just in case y’all wanted to know.

White blood cells went to zero (as they were supposed too) and Today they are starting to move up. Not far but it is a very good sign, from zero to point 2

Not really much else to report, Johnny sleeps when he can or when the pain meds and anti-nausea meds kick in. I’ll sleep latter in the year. LoL It’s all good my friends I would not be any other place.

Have been drawing faces for Alaya’s 29 Challenge & now that I have brought in some paints, I’m getting ‘em painted. 

And that’s about it nurse in about every 4 hours, nurse’s assistant about every 2 hours, doctors about every 24, research team about every other day, housekeeping twice a day, trash emptiers twice a day, volunteers about twice a day, room service IF we order any food or drinks. Food is not bad in this place, but I’m mostly eating from my pantry in the cabinet. LoL. You would think I would lose weight too but no such luck.

Ok I’m outta this post. See y’all around the stream’age / twitt’age zones


And thank you for continuing your prayers they are working! 

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