February 22, 2013

And now

The white counts have stalled, requiring a bag of platelets. That in turn increased his blood pressure back to high. Please note that is has been running so low that he was taken off his regular BP meds.

He is pale and tired, taking the Nuepigen (sp?) shots again to stimulate blood production of white/red cells & platelets. This is cause a great deal of pain, but he is handling it quite well.

Nausea is still kicking him in the stomach. Sitting up in a chair is rough and walking is really outta the question. We believe that once the white cells come up more the nausea will subside and walking can be started again.

I made a sign for our door – Please NO trash pick-up after 6:00 pm. I mean really the girl came in Tuesday night at 9:30 and I asked her not to come in that late, so on Wednesday she came at 10:30 pm. Argh!

Drawing new faces & painting the other ones – before we know it I will have them all caught up.

That’s it from the masked & gloved corner section.

Please keep those prayers going up ^^^.


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