February 23, 2013

The Hair

Alas his hair is coming out. After today’s shower, towel drying and a big clump, chunk even came out. It was kinda upsetting, I teared up. It was expected, but somehow that first hunk was still shocking. It’s hard to explain. And I was just telling Johnny that I was gonna have to bring my clippers up and give him a haircut, yeah not anymore. And his beard is losing some hairs too, although y’all won’t be able to notice (prolly)

LoL my eyes sure are wide!

Umm yeah I have pictures

Good news! White cell count doubled! They are now at point 4 and his platelet count is up too.

Good News! Nausea is improving! We were able to walk for about ten – 15 minutes!

Still very tired and I think some of that stems from the usual hospital disturbances.

Please Please keep them prayers going



Moonrose said...

I'm so glad to hear that there is improvement <3 .

I know how you felt about the hair, when I washed my mum's hair after chemo the same thing happened and I can still remember those awful emotions. xxx

Jamie Lynn said...


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