February 28, 2013


Things are going purdy good. Total mustache / beard nakedness. Johnny’s face is cold,lol,  he has not been without a beard for some time & I have never seen him in RL without a stache. I have seen pictures.

And because he is being such a good boy he may get out real soon. They have cautioned that all his white cells are new little babies and as such can only fend off little baby cooties. He will have to stay away from crowds, animals, little childrens and anyone that may be sick or have been around someone that has been sick.

The biggest reason for avoiding kids is that they can carry measles, chickenpox etc. See the StemCellTransplant whipped out ALL his old immunizations. And that my friends means he will have to take them all over again starting about August of this year.  That is if he doesn’t need a 2nd transplant…

We will know around May’ish if this one “took” and knocked out the cancer. Dr. Jones assured us that IF it didn’t next time he will get (without question) at least a two drug Chemo protocol.

Please, pray anytime he comes to your mind for his highest and best. God will take care of the rest.

Thanks y’all so much, from my little corner in the room


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