March 21, 2013

My Friends

Updates on my hubby have been slow & far between. I know I can hear y’all complaining, but time flies when you are in love and care giving and doing all the driving and have hit and miss internet connections. just saying

Good news Johnny is ahead of schedule and we are moving home full time! This is exciting y’all! No more double housing bills, etc. And we have taken down the Donation Button, thank you for all y'alls help. God is so amazing always putting us where and when not only for our highest and best but for those we happen across as well. 

And everybody says Hip hip hooray.

Thank you so much for helping us over this difficult hurdle.

Yes we still have a long way to go, have to be cautious of cooties, have to stay away from little kids. The risk of catching childhood illness is there because he lost all his immunizations. He will get to have all of them again at about the six month mark (August) that is if the Stem Cell Transplant took. We won’t know about that until mid-May.

So in other words we have made excellent progress, but aren’t out of the woods yet. Please keep those prayers going up and thank you thank you thank you so much.



Terri Kahrs said...

Congratulations, Jamie Lynn! You've WON my 21 Secrets giveaway for a free spot in this year's workshop!!! Whoo-Hoo! Please send me a private email @ so that I can send you the information on how to access the class when it opens! I'm thrilled for you! Many blessings! ♥

Moonrose said...

I'm so pleased to hear this news Jamie and Johnny. I came here to donate but now it's gone and hopefully life will begin anew with a long and happy future ahead.

Love to you both. xxx

Jamie Lynn said...

Y'all are the best'est peoples <3
Thank you

Angel said...

So glad to hear that Johnny is back home. Hugs from all of us!


Jamie Lynn said...

Angel if you follow this comments, please email us

ArtistPoet dot Girl @ gmail dot com


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