April 21, 2013

Rose Challenge

From the Time Warp Art Retreat in Austin Texas. Rose sent via Annette a white shopping bag full of ribbons, lace, whatnots, paper – a real assortment of goodies. The challenge was to use as much as possible in a project. We all loved looking through the treasures and a few of us started on it that very afternoon, some in secret back in their rooms {wink}. By the time we were wrapping things up on Sunday night only three of us were done, not finished, with our projects. Dar made a nice coordinated journal with pockets and tags – love; Jean made a lovely journal with the 12 x 12 papers folded all special like with pockets – love…

And me I took the 12 x 12 and folded them ¾ of the way, used ribbon to tie them into the folded bag journal. Added pockets to some pages and as I was taking pictures I found that even though I used a ton of the product I had a lot of blank pages.

And here for your viewing pleasure is my done (not finished) journal

 Front cover

Page 1 used the satin fabric to cover page 1 & 2

Page 2

 Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 5 close up of the lower right

Page 6

Page 6 lower left – has 2 pockets

Page 7 – lol blank

Page 8 – again lol blank

Page 9 – yep blank

Page 10 – woven ribbons

Page 11 –blank'ish

Page 12 ribbon slot for journaling card

Page 13 has 2 envelope pockets

Close up of the Asian themed page (my favorite) Note the little sandals (not flip flops)

Page 14 tickets with 2 pockets

Close up of pockets

Page 15

Page 16

Page 17

And finally my prize! Thank you so much Rose for the Challenge bag it was fun playing with and I do believe it will continue to be fun to journal in.

And Dar again the prize you won is best suited for you, so be happy & have tons of fun with it. I know I love my new stamps – Thanks again Rose!

Happy Art’ing Y’all


ArteDar said...

A W E S O M E!!! I so dig what you did with all the goodies Rose sent for this fab challenge. Seeing close up pix was a delight...you do have a "TREASURE" and I know the fun journey playing on and in it will continue...as will mine too. I LOV what you made...the prize stamps are way kewl and how fun this was. I Love YOU TONS and TONS!!!

Annette McCarty said...

Jamie, it was so much fun looking at your masterpiece. And even more fun just meeting you! You were one of the main highlights in my memory of the trip. Am hoping we get to have lots of fun times together online or in the other "real" life. Hugs to you and your great hubby.

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