April 27, 2013

Terri Kahrs

So y’all remember that I won a seat in the new 21 Secrets workshop brought to us by the lovely DirtyFootprintsStudio. This is the first journal I have made for the Terri Kahrs class…

9 x 13 envie cardstock pages with flips / flaps / pockets / and all manner of goodness. It’s far from finished (including the outside of the cover).

I found out that for ME:

  • Watercolor crayon is definitely better on gesso’ed cardstock / paper
  • Layers IN all things are good if not better
  • Black ink is my friend along with its cousin White ink
  • Making extra pages of the same color / designs is fun for mix & match flip / flaps / pockets / tags etc. OR you can scan your backgrounds (even for use in other projects)
  • Always recall the JournalArtistia’s saying when the spread is looking not so good – “Work through the uglies”
Terri was kind to share some of her images for this class and yes I took advantage of that and printed some out to use. She also shared templates for her pockets/flips/flaps etc. (LOVE). Here are a few pics of my journal in progress…

^Close up of the muiti pocket (my design lol)^

Extra pages for additional stuffs & don't forget to use your safety / practice stamp'n papers

You can still join up for the fun of 21 Secrets and please be sure to visit Terri's Blog

Happy Art’ing Y’all


DarcieGlam said...

Wow your papers are awesome!! Love this journal Jamie!

Dana said...

Looks great Jamie!! Seeing your journal standing upright reminds me of the journal I made ala Barb Owen style, so cool! LOVe your pockets!!

Eileen said...

Wow they turned out wonderful. You go girl.

Carol B. said...

Great pages. Turned out beautifully.

Sandra Kaye said...

WOW ...you are such a good girl!!! I never finished mine..and just went on to other classes:):)

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