May 2, 2013

Showing Off

Yep, but what's new about that you may ask...or not

I drew this yesterday and painted it today during Coffee and Art in the Morning pt 2 Stream, thanks again Dede, using the Kat can paint and so can you Technique. Kat can be found on the FaceBook here simply ask to join the group and voila you will be able to access her past videos and pdf files and stuffs. Just an FYI a lot of our Art'ing friends like Kat.

and because I'm this way / that way (whatever) I'm gonna name drop at least one more time, Blade to remind y'all about his What's on your Easel (what cha doing) segment on The Artistic Biker

and there y'all have it, drawn on watercolor paper with pencil, painted with acrylic paints using Anita's Extender. 

so that's it for this quickie post 

Happy Art'in Y'all


inki said...

You are such a fun friend, it xoxo

Carol B. said...

Hey Jamie. Great face. I really like Kat's technique.

Jamie Lynn said...

Aw {{Dede}}, thank you it is really nice not to be thought of as the Stick in the Mud.

Thanks Carol, have you shown off any Kat faces? If so I missed 'em IF not you better get at it!

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