May 16, 2013

Alrighty Roben Marie Smith

Of this year’s 21Secrets online workshop I’m showing off my fun journal from your Dos a Dos class. A charming double sided journal from a gift bag gone artsy.  BTW I can see these as very unique hostess gifts for the upcoming 2013 holiday season! Umm yes it is…

^^ please "note" the stitched on burlap pocket ^^

I did one signature with plain paper & the other with graph

a simple unbleached muslin closure with bright buttons

holidays are ah coming and much faster than we may like to think. You can find (and please do) Roben Marie Smith here.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Annette McCarty said...

Jamie, I love journal gifts with muslin bindings ( just sayin')

joyce rodli said...


Jamie Lynn said...

LoL Annette you crack ME up <3

Joyce you are nice too <3

happy friday dance y'all

Mary Walker said...

This is a one time contact, as a follower of my blog I'd like you to know that the web address has changed to some bookmarks may need to be updated. Thank you for your support and interest in what I share!
Mary Walker

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