May 22, 2013

Well That's

Just Peachy… 

the title of this week’s little face and show off for The Artistic Biker’s WHAT’S ON YOUR EASEL segment

She was drawn with pencil and measures 6” x 7”, Acrylic Paint on watercolor paper. I’m practicing my drawing and painting off and on while I sit at my hubby’s desk.

Johnny is doing fairly well, still gets very tired as the day wears on but being at work is so not boring for him. He really likes being productive and getting things done. LoL he works and I goof around doing art stuffs and watching videos and then I drive him (us) home. Our next Dr. appointment is coming up in a couple more weeks…I want to feel positive but anxious is more of how I feel. And I think Johnny is feeling about the same. 

Thanks y’all for all your kindness, good thoughts, prayers and well just for everything.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

1 comment:

Dana said...

Wow Jamie!! She is beautiful! Hards are SO hard but you made them look so effortless! LOVE!!!! Keeping both you and Johnny in my prayers xoxo

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