June 22, 2013

Fantastic Art

The Movement, was the lesson for my 2nd week of Penn State’s online free art class. FYI the 1st week was just getting to know ya and basic elements of art.  And here is my piece titled Body of Water

I’m enjoying the readings and videos, have passed my quizzes. My peer assessment on this assignment last week was ok. I must say that writing an artist statement is a tad hard. . . I may be making it harder than it needs to be, maybe

And that’s about it for now.

I truly appreciate y’all

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Dana said...

Wow! This is so striking!It really makes me think. Great job Jamie!! Now step on over here while I give you a big ol' smushy hug xoxo

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you dear sweet Dana

I see you patrolling around here from time to time, thank you

We know what you do and so does God, you are a blessing to not only to my heart but to many

thank you

<3 xoxoxoxo <3

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