June 12, 2013

June Update

We have been to the see the Stem Cell doctor, Jones, the transplant did not do as well as hoped for. He wants to try it again only using someone else’s cells. So they have begun a search for a good match… although Johnny is not sure he wants to do that. The big glitz is our insurance is over and done on September 30 any costs incurred after that date will be our full responsibility. The insurance issue is not really to be blamed on anyone or anything the cost (if the company were to offer coverage which they don't plan to) would be more than anyone could pay… that is if they wanted to keep a home or actually pay their bills.  It is what it is.

We saw our oncologist, Dr. Wang, the same day. Johnny is back on the Valcade twice weekly with dex on Saturdays for the next 4 weeks. After that we really have no clue.  Dr. Wang has tried to get him in a trial/study but his numbers and whatever blah blah stuffs don’t qualify. At this time we are sticking with the chemo. We need a trial / study that covers the complete expenses, without one that does cover the costs… well I’m sure y’all get the picture. 

Otherwise Johnny is doing ok. I won’t lie we are out of sorts and feeling a bit stressed so please, please know your prayers are very much appreciated. Please forgive us for lack of updates and personal contact. The issues at hand are very much with us and it can be kinda hard to get the information put into words.

Thanks y’all for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. I will update as I can Remember no news is . . . well it in this case it will just mean there is no news.

We are trusting that God has a plan and we know that whatever it is IS for the highest and best



Dana said...

Praying like a mad woman for everything!!! I think I will shut myself up in a room and do just that for the next while. Give that big ol' sweetie a hug from me and for yourself as well. More love being sent than these mere words can contain xoxo

Anonymous said...

Johnny and Jamie,
Sending thoughts & prayers your way. Hugs!
---Vicki (cajunstmpr)

Jamie Lynn said...

please know this is the best thing you can do

Thank you so very much

xoxo from both of us <3

Carol B. said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers and lots of love.

Annette McCarty said...

Jamie, I will be praying for Johnny and you and the doctors and the money situation knowing from experience that God is in control and holds the hearts of kings in His hands. And Johnny is a "king" i! So words dont mean much but it is all we have, So I pray with words and my heart and soul and hug you both in my mind ! God hears and answers our prayers and we have two choices, trust HIM or not trust HIM. And we really have on one else to trust so I vote we trust HIM and love each other. ( sorry kinda wordy but just want to let you know I love you)

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you my friends, we feel the love.

Angel said...

We are praying as well. Love you two!

Jamie Lynn said...

xoxo y'all <3

DarcieGlam said...

I just saw this - my heart goes out to you both. I will tell Johnna and we will keep praying. I am asking for a breakthrough. Love you guys!

Jamie Lynn said...

there are not enough words or even a word to express what it means to us for y'all's prayers and positive vibes

thanks ever so much


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