July 16, 2013

Cabinet of Curiosities

My last art assignment for the PennState online class. Interesting stuff about these cabinets, they can be entire rooms, tiny handheld boxes and everything in-between. They can contain weird, absurd, fun, quirky, ordinary, trash, treasure, new, old, futuristic and anything else one deems worthy of cabineting (collecting). Here is mine, simple with few items and I won’t go into their meanings (unless you want to read the artist statement – just let me know) Titled ~ The Vessel

The cabinet

The cabinet unpacked

A close up view

 I scored a 25 (100%) {yea me} I expect my certificate with distinction within in a couple/few weeks.  And YES when I hear of another one of these classes I will be sure to share that information with y’all. Thanks for viewing and reading me

Happy Art’ing Y’all

Update on Johnny, we have finished one month of chemo and see Dr. Wang in a few days to find out if more chemo or what. We have question on a list and it would be a good time for y'all to chime in with any questions for the Dr. This past week was hard on Johnny as he worked full days, one of his guys was on vacation . Not complaining but man oh man was it rough, saying exausted would be an understatement. BUT otherwise he is doing ok. That's all for now, will let y'all know after the Dr. visit of further updates. XOXO
p.s. Thank you for the continued prayers & love


ArteDar said...

Prayers and Angels for Johnny from me.
Good job on the "cabinet"....if this doesn't make a person think...and think...and think...then they missed the point. I'm sure you would love to give me your thoughts about some of the meanings, and I would love to know more. Thank you Jammie! Love ya!

Dana said...

Congrats on your certificate!!! Love your "vessel". No wonder you got such great grades!! Continued prayers and love for you and Johnny both! Love ya bunches!!

Coleen said...

Intriguing class, Jamie Lynn. Very cool container. Prayer sent up for Johnny from Ukraine.


Jamie Lynn said...

thanks so much y'all <3

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