August 12, 2013

A week ago

Today we spent the day and I mean the entire day downtown at the “hotel” MD Anderson.

We had a scheduled routine visit and because Johnny had had really really bad bloating that included intense pain the day and night before (Sunday) we stopped Dr. Wang’s to talk to the nurse about and to show them the bit of rash. After she consulted with the PA and Dr. we were sent onto the ER (at noon) as that is where they can do test and check out the symptoms to get to the reasons and solutions.

Blood test, urine test, hooked up to IV fluids, Xray, CT scan with and without contrast the ER Dr. determined it was prolly gas due to some unknown reason; but there was no blockage and wrote a prescription for a pill that would “move things on” LoL and we were released to go home at 3:30 am. Yes nearly a 24 hours of fun boredom and two days to get over the exhaustion one gets from so much time in the ER.

Now with that all said one of the nurses that we first saw, thought the rash looked a little yeasty, which happens when one has suppressed immune and been on preventive antibiotics (3 x a week) for six months. So being the healer that I am, I picked up some yogurt and said here eat this and I slathered some on the rash. The rash is better, and the bloating is a known side effect of the Dex hence the terrible stuff happening on Sundays (Dex is on Saturday).

And now we believe we have a handle on it and can treat the symptoms on our own. Lol only one more Saturday of Dex for this round anyway. Then we will see Dr. Wang in a few weeks to determine what’s next.

Thanks for y’alls continued prayers they mean so much to us



Gina Shillitani said...

Glad things are resolved for now *hugs* for you and hubs!

CanadianRobin said...

Glad to hear things are going better.
I received your beautiful card today.
Thank-you so much.
I think of you guys often.
Love and hugs,


Jamie Lynn said...

thanks Y'all

<3 <3 <3

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