August 23, 2013

Listen UP y'all

Radio Interview

Johnny was interviewed by Joyce Davis for her Radio Show on KDOL 96.1 FM Livingston Texas. If y’all would like to listen you can tune in to  The show is on at 1:30 pm Central Standard Time, Sunday August 25, 2013.

Let us know what y’all think

Also the newest visit with Dr. Wang has Johnny on another course of Chemo. The cancer count is down to point 9 – we are shooting for zero point zero. It will happen!

The Sleep test results, which I didn’t tell y’all about, are in he has the apnea and will be fitted for the correct amount of extra air so he can sleep better. Heck rumor has it he may even get sleep. And this will improve all aspects of his health. Now let’s pray that the insurance company covers the cost of a machine and the mask.

Thanks Y’all for you continued prayers



Carol B. said...

Thanks for update Jamie. Johnny will sleep so much better with cpap. Insurance should cover it. I can't sleep without my cpap. Hugs!!

Myrta_R_Harris said...

Thank you so much for the update sweetie. Keeping both of y'all lifted in prayer.

DarcieGlam said...

Yes, praying for the insurance coverage and Zero Zero Zero!!!

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