September 15, 2013

Mixed Media

Is the end condition of Face #13. I missed drawing it on Friday the 13th, so it was drawn & painted on Saturday.
During Laurel’s stream this am Sunday 15th. I assembled the piece and I like it . . . I like it a lot

Be Still My Heart
Because there is a Dragonfly Fluttering in the heart

Titled after a favorite phrase of a favorite Mixed Media Artist Friend. EDIT OOOPs my bad, she says, Oh my heart; but nonetheless I'll keep it as - Be still my heart. {awkward grin}

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Annie said...

You are so creative. This piece you have created is fantastic.

ArteDar said...

OH MY HEART!!! YES, be still too 'cause this is soooo so love lovethis, BUT LOVE you more <3

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