October 31, 2013

to the RESCUE

As I was getting my coffee this morning

I heard a horrible news story. Due to the recent severe storms in the area many peoples were without electricity.  What? says I, 'My dear friends can't have coffee!' So I donned my super cape. Well all we Moms and Nanas wear them all the time. . . but this particular crisis called for Super Neighbor Powers . . .

So off I flew

and now that all my Peoples have their coffee I can relax and enjoy my third forth fifth cuppa {well who's counting anyway }with the personal satisfaction that I saved the day . . . again

Happy Halloweeny


MsDebren said...

Haha Jamie, there must never be a dull moment around your house because you always make me laugh and say "what the"... lol... Luv you !!!!

prairiethistle said...

Yay!!!!! Super Jamie to the rescue. :-) Luv ya.

Journal Artista said...

ahahaha Super Jamie!! woot

Ladytruenorth said...

O My Goodness Graciousness! Indeed: Life Without Beaning is Life Without Meaning..Thank Goodness you were there to effect a Rescue! So where were you last month when our power went out..(:

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks Y'all for sharing your laughter . . . I am very entertained by entertaining y'all.... just cracking up with laughter over here. Johnny always thinks it's funny that I use the tripod and timer to take self photos.

LoL cause it's good exercise

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