November 4, 2013

doing the Can Can

{laughing in my head} so a while back on FB, I saw a picture of a desk caddy that used a gallon sized paint can for the center and other cans (soup) around it.. . I really liked it so I saved my cans and I already had a gallon sized paint can and
veggie / spam / tuna cans

finally I got motivated to actually make it. I covered the cans (gelli prints) for the most part. I then decided where I wanted the smaller ones around the center paint can. I wanted them fairly secure so I thought to poke holes and use wire along with heavy duty double sided tape. Some holes were easier to poke with my awl then others, some I had to enlarge a bit with my dremel'age. LoL I couldn't find our spoil of heavy wire so I used floral {crossing fingers}

 I fa-naggled the wire'n up of the cans and I think they will hold. . .

after all I won't have super heavy stuffs in 'em. Here is a series of photos showing the finished Paint Can Desk Caddy and so far I'm liking it. Still need to attach (cause I couldn't find it) - a Magnetic strip to hold a needle to poke in the tips of clogged bottles. {wink}

I'm also thinking about how I can make my other lazy susan a bit more user friendly. Now if I could only do the other pro jects {said like Paula} I have been "saving" stuffs for LoL

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Dana said...

What a great idea Jamie!!! I just may have to make one of these ;)

ScrappyCamperSisters said...

Thanks for sharing your upcycle desk organizer, love it!I wish I could put my desk on a lazy susan sometimes LOL

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks y'all!

Sharon-SkiesArt said...

terrific idea... nice blog
Great to meet you on inky's stream today...

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