November 22, 2013

Johnny Update

 We saw the sleep doctor today and she deemed using the CPAP machine is helping . . . however we have got to get the neuropathy under control. It is  fairly common among diabetics and he had a small amount from that, but this long term use of Valcade (about 16 months)  has really brought it on. With each session (twice a week) it spreads and gets worse. It’s not only in Johnny's feet it has progressed up his legs and onto his hands the backs as well as the palms. Most of the time he gives it a pain rating of 7-8 out of 0-10. We see the oncologist in December and we suspect he will want another round of Chemo, due to insurance issue. After that we don’t know what will happen, right now as December 31st our insurance will end. We were extremely blessed that the company gave us an extension from October 1st till then. And with that said I know God has already taken care of everything.

Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and support. I personally can feel them as they vibrate into me and I know they are doing the same for my Johnny. It is a true blessing to be surrounded by God’s army of heavenly Angels and His earthbound Angels who lift us up. Thank you, may y’all be blessed a thousand fold for your love and kindness.

Believing Zero point Zero!


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