November 22, 2013

Juanito & Ramona

As brought to life by Antonio Berni, is being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Art Houston in the Law Building and I, yes little ol’ me got to see it. Check out this snippet of a slide show

Background of my story, err behind the scenes – we had a doctor’s appointment downtown on a Thursday and Thursdays are FREE at the MFAH. So that means if at all possible we will be there after appointments, worthy of repeat -  if any way possible. I never know who or what I’ll get to see and it doesn't much matter, because Art is Neat and makes me happy especially when I get to see for FREE.

I was alone at first with these huge pieces of art, then a group of children showed up with their tour guide and they shoved me over…so I meandered around the corner, alone again until a Docent came to see the works. I would have paid no mind to her save the fact that as she stopped to look at each piece she would giggle. That caught my attention because I had my iPod singing in my ears (to drown out the kid-oHs). So me, being me popped one ear bud out to talk to her. She was very excited to see his works and we briefly discussed him and his work and some of the found debris he used. Then she had to be off to Docent and stuff.

 Juanito plays the flute (not at the MFAH)
graciously borrowed from wikipedia 

I cannot say how long I looked before I too had to be off, in search of my Johnny who was downstairs people watching (update below) I met him in the Café across the street – through the tunnel. He was happily drinking coffee talking to a cousin, so off I went to see other exhibits in the Beck Building – Koloman Moser, Buddhist Words & Things (stuff from Japan), American Adversaries, and the photos that were displayed in the hall. I started getting tired so I found my way back to my Johnny. Umm someone placed the clock on fast forward and it was past lunch time, we got there when the place opened. . . so yeah time to go.

It was a great day!

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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