December 21, 2013


This is the drawing I started on December 5th during Dede’s Stream, began paintN at Dar’s Stream. . .

a few days passed (week'age or so) I painted her eyes and started her hair on the 16th, finished her hair on the 17th. Started the background on the 19th, finished it on the 20th.

Found the quote while waiting for Johnny to get Acupuncture for the neuropathy (which is helping a whole lot, thank God).

“I sense more and more of the radiant light of creativity; this energy moves me, in all the right directions." – Becky Shander *

Glued Serenity to the page, leaving an opening for her head to be a pocket, said pocket has a note in it. Printed the quote this 21st am on deli wrap and matte medium’d it down. And now. . .

I’m showing my journal page off to y’all

*from the article Opening Doors & Windows / Artists’ Café Volume 7, reprinted from July/August 2011 issue of Somerset Studio.

ps she is painted with acrylic craft paints, some prisma pencils in her hair, tad touches of glitter glue on the glowing spheres, shimmer pen, white pen on background which was also acrylic paint and gesso, circle stencil.

Happy Last weekend Christmas Shopping and

Happy Art’ing Y’all
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