December 17, 2013

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A short meditation I did while following a Blog Hop hosted by Connie of DirtyFootPrintsStudio. During the Vlog by Lisa, I rebelled against her request for paper and pencil and chose to meditate those few minutes during her Vlog. Yes I can do that I am an Artist and subject to the whims of an Artist, besides I just needed to.

Now for those of you who do not believe in Meditation, you may not want to read this but you can still look at the photo below (I know you already did). For me prayer is when I make request and lift people up to God, meditation is when I relax and listen for the Divine, that still small voice.

During my practice of the various Free 21 Day Meditations hosted by Deepak Chopra I discovered the space he speaks of – go to your inner place. LOL I have been there! My place is simple, no I mean it is abundant and I don’t know where I may end up. . .

At first I built my place – a white flowy fabric tent (shaped like a circus tent – no Clowns) with a round bed again with flowy fabric and soft cushions all over. I would image myself laying down on it to meditate then one day outta the blue . . .

The flowy fabric of my tent parted and I was by an ocean sitting in the Burmese pose on the sand. In “real life” I don’t sit like that I just sit on the couch LOL. Anyways I could hear the ocean and sea gulls, feel the breeze, smell the salty fresh air. Very cool. Since then I have been on the side of a mountain top, in a forest, in a desert, in my own living room, in the white tent and during the afore mentioned Vlog meditation I found my self . . .

Siting on the Earth with all the stars and space surrounding me, but I could see myself sitting on the Earth at the same time. My message was that my inner space is as large as the universe along with its peace, beauty and infinite possibilities. Yep all that in the human time span of 4 minutes.

This is not to say that Your inner space is like mine, Yours is sacred just for you. And the point of all my long windedness is that this journal page was started during Connie’s #holidaypaintparty and I finished the stars today during Dede’s Impromptu

Thanks all Y'all for the inspiration you so often share without even knowing it.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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