December 8, 2013

Up Date'age

We had our visit with Dr. Wang. . . because the neuropathy has gotten so bad, brought on by the Valcade, it has been decided to stop that and switch to Revlimid.

Good News is the count dropped to Zero point Six (from 0.9) ^5 y’all prayer warriors ~ thank you.

Good News we don’t have to go in twice a week anymore, now it will only be once a week, but they will all be downtown.

His liver enzymes will have to be watched very closely and if they spike . . . things will have to be reevaluated.

Good news Johnny has had two rounds of immunizations next round is March’ish. Remember the Stem Cell wiped out the old shots and any built up natural immune stuff from having any childhood illness such as the chickenpox. Which he can’t get the shot for because it’s a live virus and those types of shots are not allowed for Stem Cell recover'ers.

Spirits are high we have put up a Christmas tree as we will be home for the season as opposed to last year and its Festivus Pole at the Tin Palace. Yea! I will be makings my Hot 3 Cheese spread & Wassail. Maybe if time is kind I’ll even make some cookies (I love cookies just sayN) Reduced sugar of course diabetic in the house ya know.

And this will prolly be the last update on Johnny this year, unless something changes. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you so much. We pray for a calm and UNdramatic Christmas for everyone.



Dana said...

^5 Johnny!!! You are both just amazing and I am so proud to know you both! Keep up the good fight xx

Joyce said...

Such wonderful news to share before the holiday! So very glad things continue to improve :) Prayer works!

ArteDar said...

Fantastic news! Prayers will continue and more loving healing Angels coming your way. Peace and Love and many blessings...Dar OX

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks Y'all

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