January 8, 2014


Y'all Another Post this week - crazy I tell ya . . .


Week 2 The Documented Life Project* challenge - take a Selfie (a photograph of yourself taken by your self) or otherwise draw / art Yourself. Include (if wanted) your 2014 Word of the year. If y'all know me you know I have a funny bone (it may only be located in my own mind), IF y'all don't know me - umm really? perhaps it's time to break outta your shell and join me in the WeirdLand of um, err, well of somewhere.

So I took my selfie, I happen to have a tripod and I use it and my camera has a self timer and I use that too; hence the selfie as shown here

Yeah, this is me wearing my Worship Me, I'm the queen of the Universe tee shirt (My universe if you don't follow me, humph) My word - what I am seeking and trying to keep in mind in all areas of my life- is 
Action N Balance N Action
it means take action but keep it in balance and keep balance in action = Action N Balance N Action.

I printed my selfie on plain cardstock, cut me out (LOL) glued me on some TimeCards I have. Two cards glued together forming a pocket on the side, cause I like hidden places for secret journaling and what not'age. I also found some Key Tags in my stash, I had to have a crown (duh) and one sometimes has to balance and manage action in . . . well in action. The standard stuffs - husband, house, 7 kids, 10 grandkids, miscellaneous friends, and even more miscellaneous family Not to Mention (but I will) self nurture and interests (my work - ART) and any/every thing else that gawks for my attentions (FB / Twitter / UStream / YouTube / E-mail) and what have yous. . . 

My finished Selfie 

So yeah, that's it Challenge 2 met . . . ^5 me! Please note that I am Balancing on a ball (just pretend ok) I'm holding and doing Action - juggling balls (the brads are balls - gosh just pretend already)

*The Documented Life Project is a closed group on FaceBook you may request to join

ok that is all

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Gina Shillitani said...

I followed the whole thing, no problem ;)

Dana said...

Fantastic Jamie and I can I just remind you how much I admire and cherish you ? xx

Jamie Lynn said...

thanks so much y'all

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