January 7, 2014

What's your bag?

I found mine at the Harbor Freight store with a 20% off coupon, that made it $10.40, on 1-4-14. Yeah I saw some girls fancy’N up some on the FB. And I thought hey I “Need” one of those, it would be better than fighting with getting my stuffs in and out of this blue one with its jumbled up’ness.

I have to take out half of it to get to the bottom and then layer it back up when I it’s time to move. Soooooooooo I saw theirs and knew it would be a super Mobile Art Station and yeah I’ve made it my own.

 I drew her free hand with water soluble graphite (Derwent - Graphitone) coated her in Liquitex Gesso before I added various brands of acrylic craft paints.

I used an ArtistCellar's Dragonfly stencil and a letter stencil from ? made by ? Again used the Liquitex Gesso before adding craft paint and I added sploches of the Gesso along with blue craft paint (smushed it pretty good to really get it into the heavy cotton canvas of my bag.

Finished it off with a generous coat of Liquitex Matte Medium. I still have the other side to fancy up and then add all my stuffs, but I got so excited with how this side came out that just I had to wanted to show it off to y’all and now I have. Oh no worries I’m pretty sure IF the other side comes out’age I’ll show that off too, cause y’all know how I am. Well that and to show off uses for a couple Liquitex products that enter me in a Creative JumpStart2014 give a way. And this link too!

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Gina Shillitani said...

Looks great, APG... the fact you bought it on my birthday makes it extra lucky! :-)

Darcy UK said...

ooo love it, you did a great job it turned out fab!

Dana said...

Awesome!!! You did a great job Jamie and I LOVE art that is practical as well xx

Jamie Lynn said...

aw you guys <3 me you really do

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Wonderful creation and entry to the Liquitex giveaway. Love it! - Nat

Debbie Stip said...

Such a lovely bag! I also joined CJS and now i love it even more I found your page, because you too have inspired me now :-D ~Debbie

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