February 2, 2014

Final Project

For CreativeJumpStart2014 and sponsor Prima Marketing Inc. I had to wait a very long time for my glue’age to dry {humidity town} on this Finnabair inspired canvas. Well y’all that know me, know that I like to put my own spin on everything I do. Always have, lol just can’t quite use the same colors as are shown / recommended / suggested / whatever so here for your viewing pleasure {I hope it’s pleasing} is my rendition of Ana Dabrowska’s Spoon canvas

I used a leftover {lost my mojo} canvas and as I’m lucky this way, I had found a spoon on Bourbon street in New Orleans {yes True Dat} Sooo I pulled some other stuffs from my trash junk Treasure box and stuck ‘em on my Upcycled canvas. Waited forever for that to dry {days and days} and
Skewers, pen nibs, craft stick, chain, 
peanut container aluminium seal, ribbon, 
a hanger hook, tape roll thing, clock hands
a New Orleans street Spoon

I slathered on {!ack!} BLACK gesso {yep} only I reserved a few things from the original gluing down for later {I can do that it’s my canvas}.

I like how this photo shows some of the spots I sanded ever so slightly; Oh yes that is bubble wrap {grin}

I added my set aside treasure {ooo GOLD ooo}. Made up a sentiment {I’m a poet ya know}

And Voila – Ta Dum – Look what I made

Happy it makes me! Thanks Nat for a great CreativeJumpStart2014 and ^5 to all the super Artist that showed us their tricks and techniques for using house hold items on the fly for making Sweet Sweet Art.

ps YES I could have used hot glue {not a fan of it} or I could have waited for my glue to dry all the way and be clear – but um no {I didn’t want to}

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Cuchy said...

Such a cool contrast with the black and gold.
Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

marsha. said...

This is lovely. Well done!

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