February 1, 2014

CJS2014 #TEN

Yes that IS CORRECT project #10 CreativeJumpStart2014. In the last Art’ing How to video that Nat of N*Studio did, she showed us Jumpers about using rubber bands on a piece of cardboard. . . I mean I have done this with a round lid, but for some reason I never clicked to using a square or a rectangle {knocks self in head} Doh!

I started my background with layers of white gesso stenciled through a medium sized square pattern, gray acrylic paint and then baby wiped off; white gesso’ed through a small square stencil pattern, neon green acrylic paint and then baby wiped off; white gesso’ed through a tiny squares stencil, sandstone acrylic paint {think very pale kaki) and then baby wiped that off. I used a pale pink ink and a grid pattern clear stamp to make some haphazard marks across the background. Drying between each layer of course. And then I watched Nat’s video. . .

Out came the rubber bands, my were too wide so I cut them in half to get narrow bands. I then wrapped them on my left over cardboard in the same X pattern that was used in the video cause I loved it so much. And like Nat, I didn’t want a hard harsh line so I used a White ink.

To make it easier on myself I added a little handle of sorts to the back of my X pattern stamp.

It was kinda hard to get a photo the stamp made on my background, but in real life it looks good.

I dug out a face from the 29Faces in September challenge and typed up some word’age for my journal page. {yes as a matter of fact she is a hidden pocket}

Did ya notice? Hum did ya?

Thanks  Nat for your inspiration and thanks to sponsor Darkroom Door for the chance at a giveaway.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


mandysea said...

Oh my gosh, how cool is that! Love your play on words - very clever!

Cuchy said...

smiling about your words :)
You did a great job in the background. Love it.
Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

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