January 31, 2014

New Orleans

Louisiana, it had been 10 years since we were there {honeymoon #1} Johnny had the opportunity to go to the NADA convention in New Orleans. So away we drove and drove and drove and drove, normally a 6 hour trip but due to the ice closings it was 10 ½. Whole E Muragatron! was my bladder ever tired {insert awkward face} 

I had a great time and I met a super Artist, Alex Beck. See at some of these conventions they have other things for the spouses to do and see and I sure scored. Anywho, Johnny spotted him first and was almost finished getting his portrait done when I found him. 

WoW. So yeah, as a matter of fact I had to get mine done too, otherwise I would have been all jelly and stuff and we can’t have that. Alex does fine art and you can find him and his work here.

Alex was there drawing portraits using only 2 colors of pastel on grey paper. He may not be a huge fan of using pastels but he sure handles them with precision; Acrylic paints and oils are his preference.

Now let me tell you he had his cards out on a table, y’all know the kind, information on one side and copies of art work on the other. Yeah, my first question was how many cards may I have. LoL Then Alex asked if I could take no more than 3, ack! LoL Carp!! How to pick JUST three? I mean I understand he only had so many cards with him, but really {insert Oh MY No face}. So I picked my 3 very carefully and it was so hard to do. {sigh}

And then I told him that I knew a lot of people {that would be Y’all} and that Y’all would check out his stuff online. So do it, yes do it now {please} I also mentioned to him that if he had a product y’all would definitely click on his link. Alex said, “Product?” and I said, ‘Yeah, like a #2 pencil or something, they like buying stuff.” LoL His product is his work.

So go see him, not just cause I say so but because if he can {and he so did} make me look this good

He deserves a few ^5s and besides I don't want y'all to make me out a lair. {nope} And Alex if you are reading this thanks again for my art and for humoring this 34 year old girl. {am so}

                                                                               .ps I put the cards in my DLP . . .

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Dana said...

Wow!!! It sounds like you had a great trip, sans the longer than usual drive. Thanks for sharing the info and links on Alex. His work is phenomenal. What great fodder for your DLP!

LadyofLostTimes said...

Wow he has some awesome stuff! I love his darker works. Thanks for sharing his awesome art.

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