January 29, 2014

Washi Tape

And because one thing can lead to another and Well there I was in my studio one cold icy day. I picked up the empty cracker box and thought ‘Hey this could be a washi tape storage thingie.’

So I reinforced the outside edge with silver duct tape. I then measured {sort of} the depth and cut some cardboard to that {sorta} measure. Made my marks where I wanted the dowels (more on them below) punched the holes and slotted down to the holes on one side*. I lined the inside edge with old scrapbook card and this also added reinforcement to the sides and the dowel spots. I added more silver tape to cover up the thicker ugly edge view.

For the dowels I used straws cut to length and to strengthen them I inserted skewers. I was inspired to use skewers from the CJS2014 video by Mary Beth Shaw, Jan 25

I may need another box or two

*My friend Ozegran explains and shows a much better in fact a wonderful washi storage system and she made her own box {not cheated like me} (Washi Tape between Jan 21 and 27, 2014)

So um yeah, that’s it and for all my CreativeJumpStart2014 projects click that link uptop or HERE.

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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