February 12, 2014

It's been a while

Without an update, but remember this post, we were just at the oncologist yesterday (2-11) and

The cancer count went up very very slightly- Don’t be freaking out. It was sorta expected due to being off all cancer meds for the month of January. Johnny has a new Chemo along with Dex. Because he had such a bad rash / itch with the last one, that post here, and it's still a bit lingering Dr. Wang thinks it’s best to try this new one. Johnny had this one last year during the Stem Cell Transplant without adverse reactions Dr. Wang said. Speaking of a year ago, yep it’s been that long. . .

Johnny’s new birthday day is tomorrow the Feb. 13th. He is doing well all other numbers are great. Johnny is due for another round of immunizations in March with a final (I think) sometime next year. Tomorrow is when he will get his first dose of this chemo and the Dex on Sat. Not really looking forward to the Dex as that is the one that makes is sugar really really high.

^ Jan 26, 2014 ^

And that’s about it; Updates when I have news or changes. Thanks so much for your continued prayers, they for sure helped, we still have insurance. ^5 God and y’all.

XOXO family & friends

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