February 28, 2014

Paper Clay

here is the paper clay I use: I can only find it at my Michael's, as my Hobby Lobby and Joanne do not carry it {shrug}

I use any kind of Mold I like, cause I roll that way as a mixed media artist. All departments of All stores , new and "experienced" are not off limits.

regular Push Mold for Fimo / Clay. This face is about dime size

A clay mold from the kids department of which ever craft store it was from. The Face is almost quarter size

This is a Skull candy mold it has a front and back of the head. I have 2 paper clay faces laying on top of the mold.

This is the Martha Stewart mold I got on clearance at Michael's for $3. I love that sea horse. yep it is paper clay. please note I actually put a dime so you could see the size. LOL

Not shown cause I didn't have any laying around, you can flatten out the paper clay into what ever shape you like and stamp into it with a rubber / acrylic / cling stamp; remove the stamp. Let it dry and then you can glue that onto your project.

For me here in the Houston area ( High Humidity ) I mold my paper clay, leave it in the mold for a day or two, then pop it out and let it finish drying BEFORE I do anything else with it. You can paint it, dye it Whatever you want to try. Just remember that it is paper and it will get soft again (not re-moldable) . I also use a very light hand when sanding the items. 

and that's it for my Paper Clay Post...thanks for reading my stuffs

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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