February 27, 2014

Another Face Date

FaceS #22, #23 and #24. . . why oh why, can you tell me WHY I insisted on trying to paint another teeny tiny face'age? Ack!!! and um Yuck'age... Bless her heart in a southern sort of way.

I sorta have a journal page plan for these ^^^ ladies, but who knows the long and skinny of it verses the short LoL {inside my head joke}

now onto Face #25

I like the long neck on her {shrug} ^^^ and her wide eyed'ness. And how about those dimples LOL wonder if they will be in the final paintN.

and Face #26 drawn and painted {for the most part} during The-Frugal-Eclectic ' s uStream on the 26th. Joyce's streams are so entertaining, not only for the chat company, but for Joyce'age and her unique wonderful Art.

and that my friends concludes another Face Post of my 29Faces in February 2014. ps that means there will be at least one more post {if not more'age} for the remaining three {my favorite number- just FYI 'n y'all}

Happy Art'ing Y'all


alteredstatesstudio said...

love your girls! they look great!

Jackie said...

Such great faces - they have such character. Hope you enjoyed the project as much as I did!

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