February 27, 2014

Week #9

Recycle - use something that you would have otherwise tossed in the bin and collage it. . . ok. So I took these {added something else after photo was taken and the mail man came

collaged the bits, added a couple of leftover bits I found on the counter near my recycle bin and stuck 'em on. What ta heck that's the challenge ya know. I strung the now fancy clothing tags together, took this photo

flipped the tags over and took this photo

I could not resist using the baby that came on some poly tic postcard blah blah who ha mail {THIS IS NOT A STATEMENT, JUST A CUTE BABY THAT MADE ME SMILE)

I attached the tag'age in my planner by poking a hole and running the string through it and tying it behind last week's Add a Flip to your Flap. And this is the end of this story.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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