March 6, 2014


Umm that’s home work as assigned by ArteDar the challenge maker. This week was Women / Females of History – human OR alien, fantasy, whatever were also options.

I heard Luna call me, she was all like: ’Hey I’m female. I’m mentioned frequently throughout history. Commonly referenced to as Female and that means a girl ie woman.’ Then she started spouting off words and phrases and so yeah, I had to write a poem to quieten her down. {that word looks really weird – quieten}

Here is the journal page – with journaling (poem’age) so that counts as TWO ENTRIES.

Poem reads:

The Oldest Female
                        .I know

She guards in the darkness
With her strength of light

She beckons the wild
And the poet to song

She brightens lover’s eyes
And even calls the babe to be born

On the hottest of days
She backs up the Sun and

Then she cools and soothes
Dear Mother to rest

From blue, silver and white she shades
Then misty and red she mourns

She even dared to say cheese
When the astronauts came

Within her cycle is the power,
Power to change even the tides

 ~~~end of poem'age~~~

ps What's on my Easel @BladeTheArtist

Happy Art’ing Y’all

1 comment:

ArteDar said...

SUBLIME Jamie, LOVE LOVE LOVE! TY so much for playing...I so adore you and what you do to make yourself shows, all the love in your art.
Peace and Love ALWAYS!
Dar ooxx's

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