March 11, 2014

Week 3 Jess Challenge

card - Banner - use a banner of some sort

So I did. After a funny caption / sentiment / whatever popped in head. . . it was funny in there and now I'll share it cause you might think I'm funny in there too...

Front has: Caution washi Tape from TopazPearleGirl (Julie IKTNYLN aka Julie) and I cut a weird little banner flag thing with a banner flag thing to go on top of that they are on a pole (tooth pick I flattened on one side) . . .  Think BLOWING IN THE WIND people . . . blowing in the wind

Inside has the punch line sentiment

The background card is stenciled with a pale aqua and some clear embossing -both haphazardly. It was fun, what can I say - sucker / glutton for punishment BUT the caption came first. It didn't' take two days to think it up. LoL

Ok so now back to wife'ly duties - have to cook some food'age

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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