March 14, 2014

Dar work

this past Saturday on her  uStream she challenged us to use a flower or maybe a fruit or maybe a veggie. I thought I would go with a flower. . . then the quote was spoken and so yeah Flower it was.

background sky was done first - marked the horizon with good ol' masking tape that I de-stickied (well we can't have it so sticky that it pulls the paper off) then I carded on some acrylic washes of - blue, royal fuchsia, light purple; again with the blue and fuchsia. Repositioned my tape and carded on two layers of green acrylic wash. Followed that with some finger painting of three different green acrylics. Next came the flower simple white cardstock with a black ink stamped flower. I then cut the stem and leaves from card and drew on 'em with black sharpie. I shaped the flower and leaves to have a little bit of popped up from the page quality. Finally I stamped the quote and date and then voila ( that's a french word that means ta dah!) it was done.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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