March 18, 2014

Gelli N

so I ordered a Patti Tolley Parrish Stencil from iStencils and as was promised in the unveiling stream I got a free stencil. (that offer is over sorry) But any who my order came really fast - thanks iStencils and Patti for the sweet free stencil. !! Love IT!!

I have finally gotten a little smart {just a little}and I made notes on some of the pulls and finished pieces, so I can sorta recreate 'em. LOL as if {but I did say sorta} I suppose that means I should make a journal / note book of sorts to put notes / example pulls in. {that would be smart} Because one day maybe I can be a little like Patti Tolley Parrish {I love how she says that}

now back to my, So anyways I got my Gelli on the other day and these are a few of my favorites from that session. I'm gonna number label 'em for references if you're interested. {If not I'll never know as long as you Don't tell me} Yes photo rich - Eye candy {for me} and maybe you too.

#1 has the same colors as #5 Except I added a layer
of Iridescent medium with a few drops of a bright orange wash

#2 Clean up pull after doing a Poppa* black on #1
I let the black dry then used a metallic Silver to do the clean up pull

#3 hubby called it Dinosaur skin; pale blue was lifted
from the Gelli plate with zig zag fun foam (stamped on #8)
let it dry then used pale tan as a clean up pull

#4 this is the page that I laid the stencils on to clean the paint
 from them, then added dot'age

#5 same colors as #1 only no iridescent or wash

#6 this is a 6 x 6 stencil that I used a few times
for an all over Poppa* 

#7 no special notes on this one {shrug} just like it

#8 bottom layer is ghost print (greens) from the crackle stencil
next layer is pale blue stamped ziz zag fun foam from #3
the Poppa* is 6 x 6  Outback Bullseye repeated

*Poppa is a term first used by Patti {as far as I know) for adding a Pop of black. This Poppa can really zest up a print.

I also really like my Brayer Off pages. That's what I call the process of rolling the excess paint off the brayer {thus cleaning the brayer}

ps these were done using craft paint

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Lisa Scott said...

Jaimers I love all these pages. Great stencils!

Dana said...

Fantastic Jamie !

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