March 25, 2014


This week our Dar Challenge was Aquatic life; as is the Dar'way our choice as to what that is, what it means or what we want it to mean. Because I recently (LOL just checked - maybe not so recent) did a mermaid page, I opted not to do another one . . . sorta, well it's not really a "mermaid".

Johnny and I had a super Date Day this past Sunday (yeah sorta a subject change) After our lunch and a movie we lounged on the sofa watching TV and I mentioned to him about Dar's challenge this week. . . we joked around about poor Aqua Man, the not so super super hero (hey our opinion). Laughing I said, hey maybe I'll carve a fish stamp, cause I don't think I have any fish. And Monday while I was (yeah another subject switch) while I was doing stuff around the house, something I was doing (it doesn't matter what) was not going so well and I got sooooo MAD. I mean really MAD, so mad I was crying and all that kind of junk. I know, right? So I tossed down (NOT threw) my tools and stomped out of the house straight into the studio.

Awww that's the place to be. I remembered the fish and checked my stamps. . . Nope don't have any. Soooooo I drew a few out. Um really Jamie that's way to big, lol it was almost 5 inches long. What was I thinking? But two of 'em I liked. . . so I transferred my drawings onto my SpeedyCarve pink stuff and carved away. Then I stamped my fish onto the pink stuff and carved some more. ^5 I like 'em

I was just gonna tweet the above photo to Dar, but though no. . . I need to actually use these cute fish. And I did this Not really a mermaid, mermaid Journal page

The face is #8 from this year's 29Faces in Feb challenge; and yes her head is a pocket. I like doing that. It makes sense ya know, my head has secrets stuff in it and the faces I draw and paint can hold secrets  stuff / journaling too.

that is all except with this blog font the exclamation mark ( ! ) looks like a lower case L l - !

Happy Art'ing Y'all


Gina Shillitani said...

Awesome carve'age! Pass those talents this way, will ya?

ArteDar said...

Jamie, YOU are a gem...bright, precious (and priceless!!), shinny and always bring the oooo's and awwww's and the "ain't that so awesome", sorry I just called you a rock, but you know I mean it in the very best way!! HUGE hugs and all good blessings for you and hubs my dear GFF!!
Love you TONS!
OO n' XX's

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