April 7, 2014

And I was spinning

I remember when I was kid (in age people in age) and I would stand and spin around and wave my arms up and down and spin and spin till I would fall down laughing.  Now when the weather is not good or I don’t want to get caught I spin in my mind. . .

What? There is nothing wrong with it y’all! Hey maybe y’all should try it, why not. I mean it’s not like someone is gonna see ya spinning in your mind. Oh Yes, you remember that funny tickley feeling in your tummy and how everything would blur together. Yes, I know you member that playing kind of fun.

So there I was, my sinuses were getting all that stuffy carp again (I had just gotten over it) and I wanted to spin – so I did. . . but um yeah the sinuses were not happy about it. So all I got done was the photos (yes they are "posed" pics)  for this spread before I was down for the count and sneezing and crying without emotion (watery eyes y’all) and I spent that weekend in bed. But I membered my spinning LOL.

Finally after a week I’m good enough to go out to the studio and put my page together so I can show y’all how brave I am (am so) . . .

To not only confess that I like a little tickle in my tummy every now and again but also to say that Yes my INNER Child is so funny and worth spending time with.

We will NOT talk about the back view of me (so not flattering), but (LOL) I included it in this spread, because it’s ok to look back and remember what was and it's ok to fall down,  and to laugh and laugh as long as you get back up and let all those moments be what they are – OVER. And now that they are you can carry on with the good stuff, like laughing and laughing and spinning and spinning and so on and so forth

My poem reads (yes I wrote it)

Your Moments

Life is a poem unfolding
moment to moment

in this moment
you too
are found

in the being
that you have become
from every moment

of all your moments

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Carol B. said...

I'm joining you, spinning in my mind. :-)

Dana said...

Me too!! I'm spinning.... woooooo hooooo! Great spread and love the poem!!

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