April 12, 2014


the visit with Dr Wang went well ^5's all around. The maintenance Chemo is working well, better than what the Dr may have thought. . . well because it's a "maintenance" it was somewhat expected to keep the count at about the same level it was. But low and behold the count is now at .02.

Due to sinuses (slight infection) Dr Wang gave a new antibiotic for Johnny to use, after 1 pill he already feels better, but the "due to" part is Johnny gets 2 weekends off the chemo (clap) This is good news because he won't be sleeping most of weekend and fighting high sugar the first few days of the week.

Yes sometimes it's the little things can make ya happy. . . little numbers like .02 in stead of 1.9, 120 blood glucose instead of 340, 8 hours sleep instead of 15. But even for days like that I am grateful just being is a good thing.

Thank you for your continued support and those amazing prayers that hold Johnny (us) so dear in many a heart across this Earth, our home away from home. Please continue those prayers and positive love vibrations and offer a smile of gratitude in faith.


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