April 12, 2014

the spread that wasn't

Err I mean the spread that happened in spite of me. I really liked the photos that Donna Downy showed from  week 1 of her online workshop 48 weeks. No I’m not in the workshop but I like seeing the photos. Anyway from that week (one) I loved the look of the brick walls / windows/ doorways etc. and the lovely ladies that the students did in monochromatic. Since then I have played with the idea in my head and finally thought to try my hand at it. . .

Umm yeah, I didn’t draw my walls / stencil / use molding paste / etc. I used an embossing folder (cause I have it and I like it) not to mention but I will, cause I'm wordy like that (to quote Dede). I inked it up with red and sepia and touches of gray to vary the coloration. Cut out an arched opening in the wall. . . and then I just couldn’t seem to get a lady. I guess none of ‘em wanted to play brick wall with me. (& everyone says aww)

Well on my workspace I had a postcard that came in, a Please subscribe to Poetry Magazine, the mail. Well April is National Poetry Month and I liked the poem that was on the postcard and the little Art animal (Alpaca / Llama) So I went with that. Cut out the poem and the animal then glued ‘em on my brick spread.

Yes of course the “brick wall” is a pocket, sadly it warped my background, but it still holds journaling note’age. And the spread worked out as it should have without a lady, that is unless this Art Animal is a lady. (that "fluffy" looking stuff could be Breast'ists)

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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